How To Burn Calories In A Fun Way

at 7/21/2013
I'm a law student but this year I took a time off because of financial reason. I'm still saving up money to continue my studies and hopefully to transfer into a new law school. Since I have nothing to do for a couple of months, here are the things I did and it's proven to burn your calories without the feeling of laziness to do it again. Going to the gym and attending class is really boring. I already tried both and I was just bored to the nth level especially that I have to commute my way to the gym is making me feel lazy and really really tired. So, I changed my lifestyle. I tend to move more and keep myself busy at home. By the way, my work is online and it has some good and bad points. Good, 'coz you can save a lot of money from commuting to and fro but the bad side here, your life is sedentary and you don't move a lot which is why I've gained a lot of weight for the past couple of years. Below are just the few things I did to burn all my excess calories.


The house we moved in right now is quite cluttered and tumultuous especially their lawn. Weeds are all over the place. I just can't imagine living in a house full of tall grasses and snakes prowl like every week. So we decided to do some gardening. We pulled out the weeds, plant flowers and vegetables. If you think gardening is very easy and will be done in just a couple of hours and a day, you're wrong! If you'll be absent in just one day, weeds are all over the place again and the grass have grown tall again. It's infinite! Always remember that general gardening for just an hour will let you burn around 300 calories but it still depends upon the effort you're giving into it. Manually cutting grass using a gardening grass cutter will tone up your arms.  The photos below are some old pics I took while we are gardening.

These are some photos I took during the process of cleaning the vacant lot we called "The Garden". Here you'll see the Marigolds germinated and how they've grown tall in just 2 weeks. We also have shallots, radishes, carrots and bitter gourd where we use our old dog cage for support. Yes, we didn't hire any professional to do it 'coz it's out of the budget. We just want it to look better though not the best this time. At least, no more snakes prowling after rainy days plus you'll get to eat your produce.I will post new photos of our garden next time and compare it here.

Dog Walk

We have a German Shepherd dog and as owners we are obliged to walk the dog at least 3x a week or daily. But sometimes we feel so lazy walking the dog outside esp. that our neighbor's dogs are untrained and tend to attack other dogs and sometimes it's just rainy season. We hate to take the dog outside during this time and you'll make them prone to diarrhea if they'll accidentally lick anything on the way. We don't want to pay another visit to the vet right? Anyway, here's us walking the dog. Before I forgot, 60 minutes walking the dog is almost equivalent to 1 cup of rice which is around 200 calories. You'll not just burn calories but you also bond with your pet.

 Leisure Biking 

Since we live in one of the safest place in our country plus this subdivision is very peaceful, we can enjoy a bike ride every afternoon. The terrains here are varied and biking is a must do. There are not much vehicles on the street which is very safe. You'll burn approximately around 200 calories if your weight is around 60 kilos or heavier per hour. If you have weight like mine (46 kg) we approximately burn around 138 calories per hour.


Summer just ended here in our country and it just started in the US. In hot days like summer and when I feel like not in the mood taking the dog to walk, jogging or biking, I do swimming. My swimming skill is not really the best but I know a few moves. What you need to do is to just move your body a lot in the water and don't stay in one place. Have a swimming competition with your company or do the famous doggy swim style. So far, swimming helped a lot shrinking my belly fats. Every time you swim like a dog, your stomach muscles contract and this creates muscles in the long run. If you have a pool at home, or if you don't have, maybe a nearby public pool, school pool, or your friend's pool, why not try routinely have a swim. In your busy schedules you may do it during day offs, weekends or holidays. Swimming in general will burn 180 calories (125 lb), 223 calories (155 lb) and 266 calories (185 lb) in 30 minutes. Isn't amazing? Haven't you just noticed that swimmers have lean bodies? I have not  known a professional swimmer who is fat. Do you? I'm not sure of that.

The secret which is not really a secret is to move your body a lot. Don't live a sedentary life. A simple household chore will let you burn calories (Vacuuming, Mopping, Car wash, etc.). Don't just sit all day watching the tv, surfing the internet and munching junk foods. Get off your ass and do something! This will not only help you lose weight but it will also give your life an extra mile.


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