Part 2: 1200 Calorie Meal Plan - Budgeted Version

at 5/17/2013
 I made this meal plan for those who are in the budget most especially students who want to lose weight and to those who can't give up rice in their life. Hope this will help you all guys!!!

Budget Calorie Meal Plan


1 boiled egg (77 calories)
1 cup rice (200 calories)
1 glass coffee or milk (soy milk & low fat milk only) - (200 calories approx.)

1 medium Granny Smith Apple (50 calories)

1 cup rice (200 calories)
1 cup ginataang langka or pinakbet or ampalaya with egg or tortang talong (200 calories approx.)
1 regular glass fresh juice with 1 tbsp. sugar only (calamansi or coconut juice) (70 calories approx.)

1 medium Granny Smith apple or sunkist orange (50 calories)

2 slices of wheat bread (not the regular bread) (140 calories)
1 teaspoon Cream cheese spread (Lady's Choice Brand) (20 calories)
2 leaves of lettuce (10 calories approx.)
1 medium tomato (green or ripe) (28 calories)
1 tbsp. tomato ketchup (Del Monte) (20 calories)
Water (unlimited)

TOTAL: 1265 calories (you may omit the juices to get the exact 1200 calories)

 My breakfast this morning. Just add 1 tsp. cream cheese spread or Lite Mayo and 1 tbsp. tomato ketchup to taste. Happy eating everyone!!!


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