Part 2: 1200 Calorie Meal Plan - Budgeted Version

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 I made this meal plan for those who are in the budget most especially students who want to lose weight and to those who can't give up rice in their life. Hope this will help you all guys!!!

Budget Calorie Meal Plan


1 boiled egg (77 calories)
1 cup rice (200 calories)
1 glass coffee or milk (soy milk & low fat milk only) - (200 calories approx.)

1 medium Granny Smith Apple (50 calories)

1 cup rice (200 calories)
1 cup ginataang langka or pinakbet or ampalaya with egg or tortang talong (200 calories approx.)
1 regular glass fresh juice with 1 tbsp. sugar only (calamansi or coconut juice) (70 calories approx.)

1 medium Granny Smith apple or sunkist orange (50 calories)

2 slices of wheat bread (not the regular bread) (140 calories)
1 teaspoon Cream cheese spread (Lady's Choice Brand) (20 calories)
2 leaves of lettuce (10 calories approx.)
1 medium tomato (green or ripe) (28 calories)
1 tbsp. tomato ketchup (Del Monte) (20 calories)
Water (unlimited)

TOTAL: 1265 calories (you may omit the juices to get the exact 1200 calories)

 My breakfast this morning. Just add 1 tsp. cream cheese spread or Lite Mayo and 1 tbsp. tomato ketchup to taste. Happy eating everyone!!!

The Best Slimming Technique: My 1200 Calorie Meal Plan

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Hello everyone! I'm overwhelmed by the number of friends who sent me messages on how I lose weight for the last 6 months. I told them what I did but they don't get it. They said calorie counting is just too complicated for their taste bud. They tried to hit the gym for the hope of burning their fats but what they don't know that after hitting the gym, they must know approximately how many calories they've burned during that exercise. In my experience before, after I'm done with my workout in the gym, I tend to eat a lot 'coz I think it's okay to eat much after you've burned all that calories away but I'm totally wrong. You must not eat beyond what you've burned. If you tend to, you can't see any results at all. So here's the step by step process of incorporating calorie counting to your lifestyle. 

  1. Download MyFitnessPal to your android phone or iOS phones. If you don't have a smartphone, Register to their website www.myfitnesspal.com
  2. After you entered all the necessary sections required like your age, weight and height, you are ready to go and start. Always remember not all of us have the same calorie intake but the 1200 calorie intake is by far the best of them all but still it really depends upon your BMI.
  3. You incorporate this 1200 calorie meal plan and record your Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks religiously after a meal or at the end of the day.For first timers, you don't get it all correctly but it don't matter. Just follow the meal plan and you'll surely lose the weight eventually in a week.
  4. For 1 month, do not eat in fastfoods or restaurants.
  5. No Soda, No canned Juice, No Ice Cream or Cake, No Chocolate or Sugary foods and Less Oily Foods like Humba (Sweetened Braised Pork, Lechon, Fried Chicken, Adobo, etc.)
  6. Eat more fruits, vegetables, fish or any organic foods only and lots of water.
  7. For the 1st month, no gym yet since you're changing the way you eat, don't exert much effort yet not until you can feel you make it. I recommend brisk walking and light jogging at the mean time. To track your calories burned during walking download Nike Fitness App and use it while you're walking.
  8. Invest your money by buying a new digital weighing scale. For me, a simple point in the numbers in your scale is very important. Keep track of your weight every week and not everyday so you won't get dissapointed. Always remember you don't lose all that weight in just a day. It takes weeks and months to see the results but this diet is sustainable and healthy. No slimming pills, juice, crash diet or any other bullcrap are involved here that will take your body at risk.
  9. Get enough sleep 'coz if you don't sleep well, you'll crave a lot.
  10. No more excuses. Wake up to the reality that if you eat more and remain sedentary, you will get fat. Get your life back now and be the person who you want to be every time you look at yourself in the mirror and how people see you -- Healthy inside and out, Disciplined and Gorgeous.


1 cup lettuce (crispyhead or romaine) = 10 calories
1 medium or large sweet corn = 125 calories approx.
1 tsp. olive oil (40 calories) /1 tbsp. Balsamic Vinegar (depends on your taste buds) {14 calories}
1 slice of Wheat Bread = 70 calories
1 cup boiled Asparagus (27 calories)
1 cup Cherry Tomatoes (27 calories)  or 1 small tomato (green or ripe- 28 calories)
A pinch of salt to taste
1 glass of fresh squeeze Calamansi or lemon juice with 1 tbsp. of sugar only or honey. = 80 to 100 calories

1 medium Granny Smith apple or Sunkist Orange (50 calories)

1 cup rice (Brown or White) = 200 CALORIES
1 serving or cup of any vegetable/Fish soup (cabbage, bokchoy or pechay with carrots & potatoes=150 calories approx.)
Water (unlimited)

10 watermelon balls = 37 calories

2 slices of Wheat Bread (140 calories)
2 leaves of lettuce (10 calories)
1 small tomato (28 calories)
1 tbsp. mayolite (light mayonnaise-60 calories approx.) or 1 tbsp. tomato ketchup (20 calories)
1 slice cheddar cheese (113 calories)
1 small box Coconut Juice (Coco Quench Brand) = 50 to 70 Calories

That's it girls! I will make a new 1200 calorie plan next time with meat this time but for the first month, minimize meat please unless you're doing workout to help build muscle.

If you have any suggestions just tell me and I will try to address it :)

Got my body back this year 2013. You will eventually get your previous body after 6 months of healthy eating and combination exercise even without gym. My exercise only includes dog walking, dog jogging, brisk walking, bicycling, swimming, dumbbells and youtube free cardio workouts. 

For now, I'm working on my muscles and I'm trying to build some Abs since I've never ever tried wearing two-piece all my life. I hope I can inspire and help you all guys in your weight loss journey esp. to all Asians and Filipina (Pinay) out there.

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