From 60 kg to 50 kg

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Hi Everyone! Today, I just want to share to you my success in weight loss. Last November 2012 is my turning point to really be committed in slimming down. I know for most of you out there don't agree with me to lose weight during this month especially that December is approaching really fast. Why? because Christmas is the time to indulge in eating and in this month, the kitchen is one of the most busiest part of the house and not to mention the parties you're going to attend. But, as I looked into the mirror, I just can't take the sight of myself anymore. I pitied myself like almost everyday and it's not a good attitude for not loving yourself anymore. I need to change not only for other people's opinion but also to myself. Sometimes, we say to ourselves, why should I care to other people's opinion? It's not their life anyway right? but sometimes, you need to listen them if you think it will cause you good in the future. I promised to myself that before the year 2013 comes, I should've started my new year's resolution which is I should be back in shape, look good and change my eating habit. The first week is really the difficult part in losing weight. For me, if you successfully pass the first week, you will possibly survive the upcoming months. 

Here's what I do on the first week. You need to have a smartphone (iOs or Android). You NEED to download the app "My Fitness Pal". But if you don't have a smartphone, you can use your computer and go to MyFitnessPal Site. Log in and enter your correct (don't cheat) weight and height. This app is going to assess on how many calories you're allowed to take a day according to your BMI. You need to religiously record your meal everyday. Example, if the app gave you a 1200 calorie a day, like mine, you must not go beyond that goal or else there will be no positive result. I just want you to be optimistic in this and trust in this amazing app. To whoever made this app, may all the good things come to all of you. Not to mention that this app is totally FREE to download. Isn't wonderful? Truly a wonder app that I can't live for now. This app will help you eat healthy and prevents you from binge eating. I love using this app together with my iPod nano because it's a good combination for my Nike+ app. I can keep track of how many calories I burned running or walking. I never thought calorie counting is the best weight loss technique I've ever tried. Before, I tried slimming coffees, teas, juices, shakes and capsules and it totally didn't worked for me and it only costs me my money and my health. I've experienced a lot of side effects with these products and honestly, it only worsen my problem 'coz I've gain weight unexpectedly. I guess because these products gave you insomnia, untimely cravings, hyper acidity, dizziness, dry throat, pimples and hormonal imbalance. 

In my next post, I will make a sample menu for you to optimize your weight loss using MyFitnessPal 'coz this post is getting long and I don't want you to fall asleep. I'm still not hitting my weight goal of 46 kilos but I'm very positive, that I'm going to reach it. Losing 10 kilos is really a good number and you'll see a lot of changes in your body. In my body, my face is the first one to slim down and I love it 'coz I don't look like a balloon anymore. You don't believe me, just look at my before and after photos below. Thanks for reading my blog and I hope I encourage you all to stick to your plan and always be an excelsior.

Hopefully in my next post it will be from 50 to 45 kilos. We can all do this! Just believe in yourself!


Yes, I hit 45 kilos on July 2013 but right now I gained 4 kilos I feel weak when I'm around 45 to 47 kilos. Right now I'm happy that I maintained with 48 kilos. Not too thin and not too chubby. :)

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The Foosa In Me and You!

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This blog is all about my journey to weight loss, eating healthy foods, fitness motivation, outfit & make up inspiration, sharing words to live by and being an "excelsior", the Latin word for "ever upward". If you've watched the movie Silver Linings Playbook, you will totally understand what I'm talking about. In my own understanding, be positive in every outlook in your life and cast away all the negativity that is going to crush all your hopes and dreams. 

Outfit:Mint green stripey tank top, apple green skinny jeans, bright yellow tote, stackable bangles, neon cross long earrings and coloful heart thong sandals.

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