DIY: Repurpose Old Tshirt To Make a Cactus Throw Pillow

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I've been raving cactus and succulents these past few months now and I keep on thinking of doing a room makeover and I want to make it a cactus and succulent theme. I'm not planning to do this in a hurry because I don't have the luxury of time. I still have a morning job and I need to do a lot of readings. Anyway, without further ado, here's how I repurpose my old shirt into a cactus throw pillow. 
DIY repurpose tshirt to make a cactus succulent throw pillow sexyfoosa blog


  • Scissors
  • Old Tshirt
  • Sewing kit
  • Old or new pillow stuffings
  • Fabric glue (optional)
  • Bond Paper or any paper for your cactus template
  • Marker


DIY repurpose tshirt to make a cactus succulent throw pillow sexyfoosa
Draw a simple cactus shape using a long bond paper or newspaper.
DIY repurpose tshirt to make a cactus succulent throw pillow
Place the template on the shirt and start marking the shape.
DIY repurpose tshirt to make a cactus succulent throw pillow
Leave a few space when cutting the shape.

DIY repurpose tshirt to make a cactus succulent throw pillow
If you have fabric glue, you may use it to make sewing easier but if you don't have, disregard this step and proceed to sew.

DIY repurpose tshirt to make a cactus succulent throw pillow
You may use a green thread to add embroidered thorns for added effect. (optional)

DIY repurpose tshirt to make a cactus succulent throw pillow
I use an old pillow stuffing I have instead of buying a new one and just sew everything. 

DIY repurpose tshirt to make a cactus succulent throw pillow
Voila! This is the final product. I use an old T-shirt trimmings and sew a flower for aesthetics.

I did this DIY tutorial without spending a single dime. Everything is repurposed. I hope you love it guys! 


How To Cook Samyang Fire Noodles 2x Spicy

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Before embarking on our #SamyangChallenge, of course, we need to learn how to cook or prepare the Korean Spicy Noodles. Actually, it was kinda' like the same as cooking pancit canton but it differs in preparing the sauce.

The difference with the regular pancit canton is, in preparing the sauce, don't throw all the water used up in cooking the pasta because you will need to save 8 tablespoons of that water for the sauce. The noodles need to be a little bit watery in order to mix the noodles properly and to exaggerate the effect of the spice due to the water temperature. 

So, this is how to cook it. It's very easy. The not so easy part is the part where you'll have to eat it! Haha! 




Lucky Me Pancit Canton
8 to 10 pieces of ripe chilis (small ones)

  • Crushed the chilis in the bowl.
  • Open the pack of oil included in the Pancit Canton.
  • Mix the crushed chilis and the oil using a spoon while crushing them thoroughly.
  • Remove the remains of the chili together with the seeds from the oil using a spoon. Careful not to include the oil. 
  • Open the chili powder pack included in the Pancit Canton.
  • Do not drain the noodles thoroughly. Leave a little bit of moisture for easier mixing.
  • Enjoy your Pinoy style version of Samyang without spending a hundred pesos for just a super spicy dry noodle. 

  • I've put it to the test before posting this experiment recipe.
  • Use 8 to 10 chilis for every pack of Pancit Canton. Therefore, if you open 2 packs of noodles, multiply by 2 the pieces of chilis you're going to use.  


How To Get Free Internet Using HTTP INJECTOR

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No money to spend on internet data? Tired of spending 50 pesos every 3 days using GoSurf? Here's the remedy to all these problems of yours. Today, I'm going to teach you how to get internet access without spending a peso. Let's start!

The essentials:

All you need is to download two (2) apps in the Google Playstore.

Download the app SWITCH by Globe and HTTP INJECTOR.

*This will work on Android phones only.

  1. Use a Globe or TM sim. ( Switch app is for Globe users only)
  2. Install the Switch and HTTP Injector app.
  3. Turn on your mobile data.
  4. Register your Switch app if there's a prompt message. Enter the verification code sent by SMS.
  5. Check if your preferred mobile network is set to the sim card (globe/tm) you're currently using.
  6. Allow 10 seconds or less before opening Switch app. Sometimes no OFFER is available and it needs the phone or the app to be restarted. 
  7. Search for FREE offers. Check on the DETAILS too in every app for FREE offers.
  8. Activate the free offers. Sometimes, the activation will not succeed on the first try. 
  9. For first time users, a prompt message may appear (TURN ON DATA SAVING MODE), just turn it ON then go on with the activation process.
  10. Activate 5 or more apps depending on your usage capacity (20 mb free only and sometimes 100 to 150 mb free).
  11. Once done activating offers, minimize the Switch App.
  12. Download this .EHI file ( You will need this file to use the HTTP injector).
  13. Once done downloading the .ehi file, open the HTTP injector application.
  14. Follow the steps below.

    13. Congratulations! You're now connected.


1. .EHI files will expire. You will need to download a new .ehi file once in a while.

2. Totally exit your HTTP INJECTOR app before opening Switch or else, no offers will appear.
3. A 4G or H+ connection is a plus point if you want to successfully connect to your Http Injector. 
4. Please strictly follow the rules in every .ehi files. (e.g. No torrent downloading, etc)
5. Comment below if you have more questions. 


My First Wedding MakeUp Gig

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In this post I'm just sharing to all of you my first wedding make-up experience. My friend hired me to do her make-up on her wedding day. Thank you my friend for this milestone and for trusting my make up skills. I love you girl!! May God blessed your union. :) Anyway, here are the photos on her wedding day.

Lily's Touch Blooming Kit + Miracle Cream + Diamond Polish Review

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I love Michelle Dy's youtube reviews and one thing I've noticed about her is her poreless and flawless skin. To make this long story short, one commenter asked her on what beauty product she's applying on her face when she revealed that she's using Lily's Touch miracle cream and the diamond polish. So that's it! Michelle Dy made me do it! She made me buy Lily's Touch miracle cream. The company should give her credit on that review. LOL! I've heard it before but that was long before there was no Shoppee nor Lazada yet. So, when I searched it on Shoppee and Lazada, Lily's Touch products are available. So, I told to myself, I guess it's time for me to try this product for the hope of achieving Michelle Dy's skin. Haha! 

First Impression:

Well, the toner stings like hell! But, for the sake of beauty and the goal of achieving Michelle Dy's skin...hell no! There's no backing out gurlll!!! 

The peeling cream stings like hell 2.0 also. Oh! God!! I told to myself, "Tiis ganda talaga ang peg!". 

The Bleaching cream, well, I love its smell but the cream is difficult to glide on the skin. It dries up pretty quickly too! The flakes come off on my pillow. Whew! 

There was like 3 products to be applied every night and it's making me lazy. 

In the morning, there's only one product to be applied, the Placenta cream aside from the soap included.

I also bought the miracle cream and the diamond polish scrub and I use it alternately.

After Two weeks impression:

I skipped using the placenta cream 'coz it feels so greasy on the face and not to mention, I look like HELLBOY. My face turns red and my skin tone is yellowish. Thus, my neck looks like it's from another dimension. LOL!

I can't deal with the toner, it stings a lot on my skin. I'm scared it will burn my face. So, I'm also skipping it at night.

I routinely use the peeling cream and the bleaching cream until it's all out.

Sometimes, I use the miracle cream at night instead of the bleaching and the peeling cream because I get so lazy sometimes.


For the placenta cream, it turns your face reddish after using it and it's impossible to use it as a base if you're applying makeup in the morning.

For the miracle cream, It's still 70% full and no miracle or anything as promised by the product. I'm really disappointed to the 1000th level! It's greasy on the face too.

For the peeling cream, I think the cream is redundant if you're using their toner. The toner stings like hell and if you're going to combine the two, it's 2 times the sting and I cannot tolerate the pain.

For the bleaching cream, my dark spots didn't even lighten for a month of using it religiously. I'm applying it only on my dark spots in my case.

For the soap, I love their soap because it effectively cleanses my face of my make-up. I don't care if it stings but I love the feeling of the soap while using it. 

For the Diamond Polish, well, this is the only thing I love in this brand. It does feel like you've been to a diamond peel session from the dermatologist. The consistency of the Diamond Polish reminds me the LULUR scrub by Asian Secrets but Lily's Touch costs much. 

The final verdict, I'll give it 5/10 stars. It didn't show me a miracle! It didn't happen. Oh Lord, why? It even worsens my skin condition (saklap besh). I guess this product is not for me. Too bad!!! 

Question and Answer: 

Will this product help vanish your acne? 
No. It worsens my pimple condition and it will make your face more oily.

Will this product lightens your pimple dark spots?
No. I've used up all the product in my blooming kit but it didn't vanish my dark spots.

How much is the Blooming Kit?
It's about P300.00 +  and shipping fee because nobody's selling it in my area.

How much is the Diamond Polish?
It's about P400 plus also but I got mine for P500+ with 2 miracle creams.

My 10 Peso Milktea

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I remember when I was still in college, Lipton have a milktea product but unfortunately it was gone in the market. Oh! How I love tea and milk combined together and served with ice. Well, milktea brought in cafes is quite expensive and it's impractical to buy milktea everyday in cafes. For milk tea lover like me, this is my go to drink while studying or in the office. Just recently, umm...actually, I was late to know that Nestea launched their milk tea product line not until I went to Robinson's supermarket and found it. Well, I bought 2 sachets for 10 pesos each. They have 2 flavors available --Hokkaido and Wintermelon flavors. When I arrived home, I tested the wintermelon first and oh boy! the taste is superb! It's the same taste as the milkteas sold in cafes. The regular price of milkteas in cafes costs about a hundred but look what I got, I'm enjoying a premium taste of milktea for just a heckin' 10 pesosesoses! (LOL). The next day, I bought a whole box of the wintermelon. I was supposed to buy 2 boxes. One box for Hokkaido and one box for Wintermelon. However, the Hokkaido style are all sold out! WTH? I'm more into the taste of hokkaido than the wintermelon flavor. I think I'd better hoard this stuff right now because I have a fear this won't last forever. It will soon be out of the market again just like Lipton's milktea. I have been waiting for this product like FOREVER!!! I have found my true love and I'm not going to let him slip away. Hahaha! Nestea, puhleezzz launch more flavors please. I'm begging you guys!!! xoxo, Milktea Addict.  

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Anyway, I'm also selling this cute cactus mason jar with straw. Just send me a message on my Instagram account.


L'oreal Pro-Matte vs Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation: Which is Better?

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Hey girls! Today I'm going to make a review with my two favorite drugstore makeup brand --L'oreal and Maybelline. I love these brands because they both have high quality and affordable make ups. For the past years, I've been looking for the right foundation that suits my combination type skin. In the past, I've tried L'oreal TruMatch, Revlon's Photoready, L'oreal Infallible 24 hour, Max Factor's Illuminizing foundation, and Naturactor concealer foundation. However, at the end of the day all these foundations I've mentioned makes my face oily due to my skin type. Finally, after binge watching Youtube's makeup tutorials, I've learned that there's now a new type of foundation which promises to keep your skin matte all day long. I know I'm a bit late talking about his stuff but I'm just happy not to share this again to those who are looking for an affordable, high quality and easy to find foundation. I'm a foundation kind of girl because lately I'm suffering from pimple breakouts due to hormonal imbalance and stress. Below is my honest review on L'oreal's Pro-Matte and Maybelline's Fit Me Poreless + Matte Foundation.

L'oreal Infallible Pro-matte

What I love about this product:
  • The container comes in a plastic tube. Therefore, it's easy to squeeze it out and the container is unbreakable.
  • Have a very faint scent and great for those people who are sensitive to strong scents.
  • Truly mattifies your face for a maximum of 8 hours or more without touch ups.
  • Very light to the skin. You won't ever feel you're wearing foundation at all.
  • Your face feels really soft and silicone powdery feel without that sticky feeling.
  • Easy to clean if off after.
  • It won't easily transfer off to your clothes.
  • Lots of shades to choose from.
What I hate about this product:
  • Light to medium coverage only. It won't cover all your dark spots and acne. A concealer is a must.
  • Difficult to blend because it dries up very fast. Make sure to blend it asap!
  • It creates patchy areas if not blended well.
  • If you have an acidic type of skin, this product oxidizes. It means that the foundation will darken after applying on your skin.
  • Will not blend well using a foundation brush. Use a beauty blender or your fingertips for a better result.
  • It's not really buildable.
  • It creases a little bit under the eye area. 
Maybelline Fit Me! Poreless + Matte 

What I love about this product:
    • Creamy consistency making it very easy to blend.
    • It will not dry up fast. Thus, you will have more time to build up for coverage.
    • It feels light on the skin even though you've applied that much product on your face.
    • No sticky feeling at all.
    • Light scent. Nose friendly for those makeup user with allergic rhinitis.
    • To get that poreless and flawless effect, use a kabuki or stippling brush first then dab it using a beauty blender.
    • Lots of shades to choose from.
    • Layer application is buildable to some extent.
    • No creasing under the eye area.
    • Wash off easily with soap.
    What I hate about this product:
    • Coverage is from light to medium only. No matter how much layer you apply.
    • It creates patchy areas if not blended well.
    • Just like L'oreal's Pro-matte, this product oxidizes on my skin also.
    • It comes in a glass bottle. Not recommended if you're clumsy.
    • It transfers off to your clothes.

    Definitely, MAYBELLINE FIT ME! PORELESS + MATTE won my heart because aside from all the good things I've mentioned above, this product cost only P399.00 unlike the L'oreal Pro-matte which is about P599.00 or more (online). 


    Dermacol Foundation Make Up Cover: An Honest Review

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    My friend's wedding is coming up and she hired me to do her make up on her wedding day. So, I decided to try this new full coverage foundation everyone's been raving about on Facebook and Youtube. Now here is my honest review.
    dermacol foundation make up cover worth buying or not review bad  not effective to cover

    Does it really cover severe acne and scars?

    No. Keep your hopes down because the Dermacol foundation will not cover those acne bumps and acne spots which are categorized in the severe type. I'm so sorry but in my case, it just won't. If you add a lot of product on your face hoping that another layer of foundation might cover them, Don't! It will just make you look cakey. You will still have to use a concealer.

    Does it cover light to medium acne scars?

    Yes. Perfectly well. However, why would you use Dermacol for light acne scars when your regular foundation can do it for you? I don't recommend using it everyday because it feels so heavy on the face. Not to mention the stickiness. I don't like it!

    Does it cover tattoo marks?

    Not really. Your tattoo will still be visible in some cases. It really depends upon your skin. If your skin is hairless, well, the product will stick to it flawlessly but if you have hairs on your skin, better shave it first.

    Do you need to use a concealer after using Dermacol?

    Yes. In some cases, there's still a need to use a concealer because if you put a lot of Dermacol foundation, there's a tendency that you will look cakey and patchy. In my case, I apply concealer first before using Dermacol foundation.
    dermacol foundation make up cover worth buying or not review philippines

    How to choose your Dermacol Shade?
    dermacol skintone shades
    Note: If your skin is acidic, choose a lighter shade than your skintone because eventually it will turn darker later on
    dermacol make up cover review shade 210 full coverage it is?
    Shade 210

    What are other things to consider before using Dermacol Foundation?

    1. Use a primer first to condition your skin. Dermacol foundation have a sticky consistency but with a demi-matte finish. Most of all, if you have large pores, this is not for you!

    2. It does create a crease after hours of application especially if your skin is dry and the weather is hot. Not recommended for oily skin and summer weather.

    3. Since it's waterproof, it's really difficult to clean it off. Deep cleansing is highly recommended after using it. If you have severe acne, this product might irritate your skin further (clogged pores).

    4. You will need a setting spray or powder after applying it.  If your skin is oily/combination type, the product won't last that long (It will melt down). It's just a temporary cover up. Not recommended for whole day use.

    5. If your skin is acidic, this product oxidizes. So choose a lighter shade than your skintone.

    6. Buy a beauty blender sponge. A foundation brush / stippling brush just won't work on me. It's really difficult blending this product. A pea size amount goes a long way. So be very careful when squeezing the tube.

    How much is the price?

    It cost at P880.00 pesos plus shipping. I ordered it at @bodyrockers_ph.

    Will I buy it again?

    I think not! It's definitely not worth buying. I'm really disappointed. My Maybelline Fit Me Poreless foundation is much better than this.

    As to my friend's wedding, I ended up not using this product because I was so scared I might ruin her big day.


    Eyebrow Stamp An Honest Review : What's The Hype All About?

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    Today the eyebrow stamp pad I ordered online has arrived and this is my honest review about the product. In this post, I tried it on my friend's brow. 
    aprilskin sg authentic eyebrow stamp dark brown natural curve immafoosa honest review


    The powder did not adhere to the skin. Why? The reason was that her skin was very dry. Since there's only a minimal powder that adhered to the skin, the result is that the eyebrow color is very light making it unrecognizable to see if there's any difference at all after applying it.


    We then tried to dampen the cushion or the stamp with water. The result? The powder adhered to the skin perfectly. Therefore, the secret is to add a little bit of moisture to the product because the powder is already dry. Another friend of mine just use a wet tissue to dampen the cushion instead of water. Also, my classmate use a little bit of moisturizer on the eyebrow line in case of water unavailability.
    aprilskin sg authentic eyebrow stamp dark brown natural curve
    Natural eyebrows fill-in using SG authentic Aprilskin eyebrow stamp pad in natural curve (dark brown)

    • time-saving beauty product.
    • the powder may be use as an eyeshadow substitute or for contouring purposes.
    • the container is handy and efficient and it comes with a mirror inside.
    • it comes in 2 different eyebrow style (natural curve or Korean straight brow style)
    • the stamp may be use as a stencil or guide before using eyebrow pencil of your choice.
    • great for those who have no eyebrows or those who have thin eyebrows at all.

    • it requires familiarity of using the product especially on the 1st attempt.
    • there's a possibility the stamp will fall off from the container due to wear and tear.
    • it's difficult to find a stamp cushion replacement in case of loss or wear and tear.
    • it only comes in 2 different brow style.
    • it's in powder form only. I hope it also comes in creamy form.
    • unnoticeable for those who already have thick eyebrows. 

    • An impressive beauty innovation. Doing your eyebrows has never been this easy. It may be a great addition to your beauty tools in this era where we considered "Kilay is Life". 
    • I will definitely give it 9/10 stars and would recommend it to all of you. 


    sold for P100.00 to P200.00 pesos or above (for SG authentic brands) but it may cost P500.00 up (for US branded cosmetics).

    "Kilay is indeed Life, lifer,&  lifest"  with this April Skin Eyebrow stamp pad.  hahaha


    My Simple Birthday Idea For Myself

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    I have recently celebrated my birthday last May 22, 2017. A month before this day, I have a bunch of ideas on how am I going to celebrate it. My original plan is to celebrate with my officemates by treating them all to a pool party but due to financial circumstances, I am not able to do it. So, my second plan is to have Karaoke session with them (officemates) but unfortunately, I can only afford to treat about 3 persons for food. So, I'll have to crash it out again on my list. Haha! When the day came, I ended up spending my birthday with my boyfriend alone. My close friends can't attend my birthday 'coz they're reviewing for the bar at Davao City. The funny thing is my bff's thought that my birthday was on the 23rd. So, they end up ignoring me on the 22nd and I was surprised to received a birthday present from them on the 23rd with matching video presentation uploaded on FB. LOL! Sometimes, I think, are these girls really my bff's? Haha! Well, they're crazy and there's nothing I can do about it. LOL! 

    So, here are the photos showing the sequence of activities I did before and during my birthday. By the way, I'm posting this because you might get an idea on what to do on your birthday. 

    Two days before my birthday, we went to a newly open for the public island located at Pitogo, Zamboanga del Sur. They call the island "Panikian Island" otherwise known as "Turtle Island" because the island is a sanctuary for Pawikan ( a larger kind of turtle). It's about 2 hours from Pagadian City proper and when you arrived in Pitogo, you'll need to ride a pump boat for another 1 hour or more depending upon the weather. We paid 100 pesos back and forth for the pump boat and an additional 10 pesos back and forth for the "bote" ( a mini boat you'll need to ride before riding the pump boat). Below are the photos from our island trip in Panikian Island. I wonder how they came up with the name "Panikian"?  when I haven't seen any bats from the island. Haha!

    panikian island pump boat pitogo zamboanga del sur

    panikian island pump boat pitogo zamboanga del sur

    Enjoying the white sand and the crystal blue waters of Panikian Island

    panikian island white sand pitogo zamboanga del sur turtle island pawikan

    panikian island white sand pitogo zamboanga del sur turtle island pawikan

    panikian island white sand pitogo zamboanga del sur turtle island pawikan

    panikian island white sand pitogo zamboanga del sur turtle island pawikan

    panikian island white sand pitogo zamboanga del sur turtle island pawikan

    panikian island white sand pitogo zamboanga del sur turtle island pawikan

    panikian island white sand pitogo zamboanga del sur turtle island pawikan

    panikian island white sand pitogo zamboanga del sur turtle island pawikan

    panikian island white sand pitogo zamboanga del sur turtle island pawikan

    panikian island white sand pitogo zamboanga del sur turtle island pawikan

    panikian island white sand pitogo zamboanga del sur turtle island pawikan
    panikian island white sand pitogo zamboanga del sur turtle island pawikan

    panikian island white sand pitogo zamboanga del sur turtle island pawikan

    This must be my worst experience getting sunburned. Whoo! Never ever expose yourself to the sun without a sunblock. Lol! Due to excitement, I forgot to slather sunblock lotion at my back. Tsk!! I haven't slept well that night after this adventure due to severe sunburn. Haha! Geesh!!! 


    May 22, 2017

    I did not report for duty at work because I have a date with my boyfriend. He let me choose my birthday cake from Goldilocks 'coz I'm very picky when it comes to what cake I'm going to eat. I hate chiffon type of cakes. Haha! Just making sure he won't commit mistake on what flavor I'd prefer, he let me chose instead. That's the story! Lol! After buying the cake, we have a short trip and did a little photo shoot. After the photo shoot, we had our dinner together at Sprinkles cafe. It was a long day but it was worth it! I also received a sentimental birthday card from him that day and honestly, I'm a sucker for love letters. I get teary-eyed every time I receive one. Hehehe! 

    Thank you to our creator for letting me exist another year in this world. Lord, I cannot thank you enough for all the good things you've given to me. The bad things are not that bad after all for they are part of me helping me to grow more into a better person. To all the people whom I've hurt, I'm sincerely sorry for all the things I've done. I hope you'll forgive me someday. May you also forgive yourself for feeling not being enough. You are enough! There's nothing wrong in you. It's just that sometimes it's better to let go than to hold on. 

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