How To Wear Your White Sneakers

at 5/18/2016
Finally owned a white sneakers. When I was a kid, my mom always frown upon the idea of buying anything white for me especially shoes because it gets dirty easily. That is why every time I opt to buy new shoes or footwears, the color white is always the last option. Recently I've realized a white shoe is a must have for every wardrobe. White just always go with any colors. I will post my outfit of the day photos wearing my precious Adidas Superstar. Ha! This is just an imitation since I can't afford one (unemployed student problem). Well, I don't care at all 'coz I'm practical that way. Hehehe For now, I'll be just fine with this replica shoes. By the way, I'm taking my vow of honesty since last week. So, expect me to be the most honest person in the world starting today. Lies just makes your life miserable. I've ruined my bestfriend's life because of a lie. I'm still in the process of healing. Hopefully in God's time, my soul will truly be healed. I regret everything. However, life goes on no matter what.  Bear in mind that life knocks you down to teach you a lesson and I've learned my lesson well...I'm never going back. A lie is always a lie. Even if it's a white lie. It will always hurt the person you love. Anyway, here's my #ootd photos below. I will keep updating this post. I love you all guys!!! Have a wonderful day!!! 
Wear it with your ternos/coordinates
Wear it with your short jeans and long sleeve shirts


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