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Hey there! I'm back. There's been a lot of happenings in my life ever since I've stopped blogging. Looking through my blog archive, I've noticed my last post was from the month of September. As all of you know, year 2015 was not really my lucky year. From the start of the month of November 2015, I already have an intuition that something's going to happen soon. First was, I had the worst law school related incident. Second was, my Aunt, my mother's sister accidentally died due to accident by electrocution. Third was another school incident happened to our school where our new teacher punch a student during our Christmas party. Fourth, I was a victim of an unspeakable incident which I guess I'll take it to my grave. Fifth, my life is a complete mess due to my Aunt's early demise. 

So that's when I thought those incidents that happened last year 2015 had been completely buried and forgotten. When I came back to school after a very long vacation, another bomb exploded which completely divided the people in our school because of that particular person. Speculations, conjectures, and assumptions were made what's really behind that incident. The sad truth is I was also dragged by the issue but one thing for sure, it has nothing to do with me. It had something to do with another unspeakable truth which I guess I'm gonna carry it with me forever (hopefully not). Anyway, the truth will come out anytime soon or in the next few years. We don't really know what will happen in the future but I have a great fear that it will come out this year. People will talk and secrets will only be kept between two persons when the other one is dead. 

Another thing, according to my horoscope, this year is a bad year for me and my friendships. Well, it had just begun. Somebody betrayed me recently and it was really an evil issue. I must say that this friend of mine who gave me the information is truly a good person. She made me realized a lot of things about myself. I must say this person is for keeps. There are still some people out there that are authentic. I'm glad I've found one in my lifetime. This person finally won my loyalty. Oh God, just don't fuck up with this one. You know how loyal I am to my true friends but a bitch to those who pretended to be loyal to me. As to the famous quote that goes, "They are not really your friends unless they defended you in your absence". That's it! Sorry guys, I can't really divulge everything on this post. It's classified information. Until next post. 

Anyway, here are some photos I'd like to share from last year. Happy viewing!!! 
No class in LabRel. It's time for Karaoke. It's Brandon's treat anyway.

After Karaoke.

Accidentally reunited with my elementary classmate.

Picked up a gumamela (hibiscus) beside the road.

Dress up day

In the mood for photos. Me, not feeling cold anyway.

Ramen treat while reading torts and damages at TG.

TG selfie.

Photo taken after our Torts and Damages examination

I love this look. Bad Ass cute girl.

Freshmen classmates.

Welcoming our guest from Manila. 

New hair color after the Mercury Retrograde

My outfit of the day. Purple.

Attending an awarding ceremony.

Photo taken with Jaya, the soul diva before she'll present on stage.

After LabRel. Had a little bit of misunderstanding with Tryst.

Me and my baby boy persian Taigah Moonchee

Just loving my hair this day.

How my hair looks like from the back.

Had grocery for dog food.

Dinner at Chowking.

Chillin' at home.

Had lomi snack after this photo.

Alone in the classroom. Waiting for my classmates to arrive. 

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