I Believe In Astrology

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Hey there my fellow readers. I'm trying my very best to write as much as possible in this blog. Anyway, I just want to share with you guys my thoughts on Astrology. I noticed that men are not really into astrology compared to women. I strongly believe that there's something in astrology that connects with us. I believe that from the moment we are born we are already destined to some sort of happenings to our life. But it doesn't mean we will have to conform with astrology all the time. In my own perception, astrology is mostly based on psychology but I have no authority to claim this. In my own understanding, Astrology sets out the basic characteristics of an individual according to their birth signs. This way we have a guide on how to deal with these kind of people like in the approach use in psychology. In my case, I only believe in astrology when it comes to dealing with people but not with predicting what will happen in the future. Nobody can predict the future unless it has some prior circumstances in the past which can lead you to predict a possible outcome (e.g. Studying in advance combined with discipline will get you good grades in the future examinations). Moreover, I use astrology when I have a hard time making decisions. Sometimes, when I feel powerless and most of the time I hate to overthink on things I have no control with, I conform to astrology to help me resolve some minor problems. I think astrologers are like the fun version of psychologist. The former have a much more cheaper and easier approach than the latter. I notice that Western and Asians Astrology approach are very different. Simply because Asians have a different way of life compared to Westerners. The horoscope will only affect you if you apply it on your life. It 's really a matter of choice if  you let the horoscope influence you in your decision making ability. In the end, it all really depends on you, on how you live your life.

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Anyway, I just want to share this cute song about the different zodiac signs by Beyonce. 


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