How To Wear Flash Metallic Tattoos

at 5/13/2015
Wanna feel more the summer season? How about add a little summery glow feel to your skin with flash tattoos also known as temporary metallic body tattoos. No idea what I'm talking about? Actually, this stuff is just an upgrade version of temporary tattoos we had during our childhood days (90's kid). 

This is how it looks like. It comes in different designs per pack. Other designs comes in butterflies, Egyptian hieroglyphs, flowers, typography and some random designs. The boho inspired designs are more popular since flash tattoos are usually use in music festivals where the theme is somewhat bohemian.

Before transferring the tattoo to your skin, make sure to clean the area well and make it free from oils or lotion or else the design will not adhere. It's also advisable that the skin area doesn't have hairs. So, I think you better wax or shave that skin before sticking the tattoo on that area but in my case, I've tried placing the tattoo with hairs on my skin, while it still adhered but it's kinda' messy to look at 'coz the design peeled off easily. You don't want your tattoo to look patchy right? Now, let's start doing pretty art to our bodies by following the instructions below.

1. Check the designs inside the pack and try to measure the size of the specific design you'd like to place on that specific part of your body (hands, legs,belly, chest, etc.).

2. Get a scissor and cut the specific design you'd like to use. Make sure not to cut the transparent sticky portion which is located at the edge of every designs. It helps keep the tattoo stick to your skin. Actually, you may cut it a little bit but not completely. In my case, I did cut it a little bit 'coz in my experience, the edges are quite messy to look at. 

3. Get a piece of wet cotton balls or sponge. Take off the transparent film and place the design facing downside. Dab the back of the paper with the wet cotton balls or sponge until it's all soaked but not dripping wet. Dab it carefully and avoid moving the paper while dabbing it 'coz you might move and screw the design during the process of transferring it to the skin. 

4. Gently pull off the paper away from the skin. You'll know the transfer of the temporary tattoo is successful if the design is perfectly adhered to the skin. Let the tattoo dry before touching it or else you'll ruin the design.


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