My New Year's Resolution (2015)

at 12/30/2014
Any moment from now is another cycle of our life. It's the time to leave all the baggage behind 2014 and start a more productive life than before. I'm happy that I've kept my new year's resolution I made last year and the other year and that is to lose weight. I was very successful in that journey and I'm so glad I did. Having a new year's resolution is like making a general and realistic plan for a year. It need not be rushed but must be thought with carefully. Mental strength and positive outlook in life is the best weapon to make your New Year resolution to be possible. 

Here are my New Year's resolution for next year:

1. Maintain my weight - I have a sedentary life right now and it's really difficult to maintain my weight by just sitting whole day in my room studying. My plan is to stick to MyFitnessPal's program and eat more healthy foods and most of all no binge eating as much as possible when stressed.

2. 10 book pages a day  - I must keep up with all my readings and read as much as 10 pages a day. If you're in law school, it's really a hard time keeping up with all your books. I must read in advance before the professor can tackle that particular topic. In that way, it's not the first view in that topic anymore and I can comprehend well. 

3. Make a blog schedule - since I have lots of blogs to maintain right now, I need to insert my hectic schedule at least 3 hours a day. 

4, Give more quality time with my partner - my boyfriend is coping up with his life after all that family betrayal that happened to him. The years he invested to help his brother's family is now a waste since the sociopath in-laws are meddling in their business. He didn't even got his proportionate share after the partnership terminates. The sad part of it, they'll be not in this position in life right now if not of his hardwork and perseverance. Look what he got in return? Nothing. If he only knew right from the start that he's dealing with a sociopath in-law, this would not have happened. The brother is even blinded by the fact that his wife is a sociopath. It's really hard to deal with a sociopath especially if it's a family member. The person will manipulate and twist all the facts and makes you believe in it. It feeds on your weaknesses and finds pleasure in it. My boyfriend moved out and stayed away from his family and in-law and it's the best way to get rid of the sociopath. Though the bitch keeps on stalking us on Facebook and other social networks making fake accounts. It even reads this blog right now (Girl, you need a psychiatrist. Confine yourself voluntarily).

5. More family quality time - my parents are very busy with their business and my sister is going abroad and we only see each other every morning. My plan is to make breakfast everyday and help with the household chores before studying and going to school at night. There's a famous quote shared by my best friend on her wall and it says "The best gift you can give to someone is your time, because you're giving them something you can never get back ".  

big eyes cat woman lady crazy cat lady watercolor painting free use asian
Eyes of Endearment
That's it! It looks so easy but very hard to commit. Anyway, I'm just sharing my newest watercolor painting inspired by my first love cat , my little Chi. Happy New Year everybody!!! 


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