My Unending List of Period or Era Movies

at 11/22/2014
I admit, I'm one of those women who loves watching Period/Era movies. Everything about it fascinates me from the dress, houses, hairstyles and most of all the love stories. This movie list is 100% enjoyed by me and has a good rating to make sure you will not waste your time. This is a never ending list so stay tune to updates.

1. Belle (2013) IMDB

Based on the true story of  Dido Elizabeth Belle Lindsay, the first black aristocrat. Born from a black mother and a royal navy captain. She was brought up by his father's aristocratic uncle, Lord Mansfield in Kenwood House in Hampstead. Her lineage affords her privileges at the time of black slavery though limited due to the color of her skin. 

2. Sense and Sensibility IMDB

An adaptation from the famous novelist, Jane Austen. Played by four well-known actors of our time Kate Winslet, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman and Hugh Grant. The story revolves around three sisters taken under the custody of their kind-hearted cousin. In marriage, which one would you choose, love or financial stability or both?

3. Jane Eyre IMDB

A young governess, played by Mia Wasikowska grew in love with his complex master who happens to have a terrible secret. 

4. Becoming Jane IMDB

A portrayal of Jane Austen during her early 20's and her youthful fling with an Irish barrister. The characters are played by Anne Hathaway (Jane Austen)  and James McAvoy (Tom Lefroy).

5. The Affair of the Necklace IMDB

Played by Hilary Swank, a woman in court, whose aristocratic parents were murdered by the Crown due to their views about the masses. Trying to regain her home and good name, she believes that if she will be friends with the queen, she will get a royal favor to bring back her family's honor.

6. The Importance of Being  Earnest IMDB

A comedy-drama movie played by Colin Firth, Reese Witherspoon and Rupert Everett both use the pseudonym "Ernest" and both pretending for someone they are not. 

7. The Other Boleyn Girl IMDB

Two sisters compete for the love of  King Henry VIII when the queen can not produce a son. Based on the true story of the Boleyn sisters played by Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman. 

8. The Young Victoria IMDB

The story of a young Queen Victoria during her first year as queen at a very young age and her love story with Prince Albert. 

9. Pride and Prejudice IMDB

Adapted from the famous novel of Jane Austen, where a poor woman fell in love with a wealthy man who recently arrived in their neighborhood. Will both give in to their pride and prejudice?

10. Anna Karenina IMDB

A tragic love story of a Russian aristocratic married woman who enters into a love affair with a dashing cavalry officer during the conservative period of Imperialist Russia.

11. Marie Antoinette IMDB

A biography of the life of Marie Antoinette, the famous Queen of France, and her extravagant life that led to revolution and the fall of Versailles. 

12. Coco Before Chanel IMDB

The life story of the famous Coco Chanel, her rise and influence to the fashion world and her tragic love story. 

13. The Great Gatsby IMDB

The story behind a young billionaire's life and his tragic fall due to love. Adapted from the famous novel of F. Scott Fitzgerald portrayed by Leonardo di Caprio as Jay Gatsby and Carrey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan. 

14. The Duchess IMDB
The story of Duchess Georgiana Spencer, the Duchess of Devonshire, her excessive lifestyle and her catastrophic marriage to the 5th Duke of Devonshire, 

15. The Royal Affair IMDB

A period drama based on the life a young queen who got married to an insane King (King Christian VII of Denmark) and her love affair with the king's physician. 

16. Django Unchained IMDB

Set on western period, a slave was brought and freed by a German bounty hunter, trains him to be an assistant bounty hunter with the condition to rescue her wife from a ruthless plantation owner.

17. Mad Love  IMDB

The true story of Juana, the mad queen of Spain and her obsession toward her unfaithful husband king.

18. Curse of the Golden Flower IMDB

Set on the Tang Dynasty, the Empress suspected that the Emperor is slowly poisoning her through her medicine prescribed by the royal doctors. The Empress asked for her second son to help him with a plan of overthrowing the ruthless Emperor during the night of the Chrysanthemum Festival.

19. The Painted Veil IMDB

A film adaptation of W. Somerset Maugham novel where a British bacteriologist marries a happy-go-lucky woman. After the wedding, they moved to China where Dr. Fane (Edward Norton) was assigned to help cure the Cholera epidemic. Mrs. Fane (Naomi Watts), who loves parties finds difficulty of adapting to her new life. This is a story of adultery, regrets, and forgiveness. 
20. Hysteria IMDB

A light comedy romance played by Hugh Dancy as Mortimer Granville, the person who devised the invention of the first vibrator.  
21.  Casanova IMDB

A comical interpretation of the life of Casanova, the known serial chic magnet during the Renaissance and the woman who changed his promiscuous ways. 22. The Age of Innocence IMDB

Set in 19th century New York, a young lawyer fell in love with a separated socialite woman while he was engaged to the woman's cousin.

23. Atonement IMDB

A story of a man who was accused of an act witnessed by a young girl who doesn't fully understand. An innocent lie that cause the tragic lives of two lovers during the WWII.

More period movies to come.....


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