10 Signs Your Classmates Dislike You

at 11/19/2014
Yey! It's the start of the second semester and everyone's getting excited to go to school except that one person whose been silently bullied by their classmates. I feel really pity to this guy at school where all my classmates simply disgust everything about him. As to the guy's history, I don't really know him that much as well but maybe there are factors on what caused them to hate him. As a transferee student, I observe my classmates a lot because I was looking for a potential new close friend but then it's really difficult to invest one's self to people you've known for a sem. Eventually, it will happen naturally...Anyway, back to the main topic, here are the 10 signs your classmates despises your presence at school.

1.When the teacher calls your name during oral recitation, your classmates laughs secretly and wishing you can't answer the questions asked. 

2. You will be the last person to know that they've decided a scheduled quiz or exam. They will not include you during the planning.

3.They secretly take photos or videos of you during awkward moments and worst of all they'll make fun of it and spreads it on Facebook without you knowing it. 

4. They make secret code name of you and you will not know you're the one they're talking about.

5. They add you in Facebook just to get information about your life and you're one of those person who can't see the post of your classmates since they hide it from you.

6. They will not tagged you in photos or any post. You will be an outcast to them.
7. When you arrived in school, they will judge your outfit or what you're wearing.

8. They will distant their selves around you. You will probably have no seatmate in class.

9. You will be the topic of the class if you're absent. 

10. Never ever forget your things like pens, books, etc. since nobody will dare to share it with you.

Any signs you can share why you're classmates, workmates or group mates hates you? Tell me in the comment below. 


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