Tira Tera Candies

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I know this is bad for my health and it's bombarded with calories but I just can't helped it! I'm glad that I was introduced to this native Filipino food while I was a kid and since then I was captivated. Too bad most people in  this generation don't have the idea that this Filipino confection exist. I've seen somewhere in Youtube a recipe on how to make this but it's not the original one. The latest version of this confection has peanuts or almonds in it. In my case, I just want my tira tira candy plain without the nuts and everything. This candy is my instant energizer when I need an instant sugar rush and it's oh so natural. The ingredients are just muscovado or brown sugar and coconut milk. Today, they added glucose to the recipe and I don't have any idea why. LOL!

This tira tera candy (above image) is the best of them all. It's not gooey and when you take a bite, it crushes easily and turns into a powder and melts in your mouth. It's like eating a meringue. I keep looking for the recipe of this tira tera candy but can't find one. 

 This version of the tira tera candy is somewhat 70% similar or the mediocre version of the above photo. But for me, nothing can beat the one above.

 This version is hard and gooey and it's difficult to chew. This will better be sucked and not chewed or else your teeth will fall off. LOL!

In comparing the two, the physical form somewhat gives you the impression already that this version compared to the version above is likely of lower quality. The above version is more pleasing by only judging on the form, texture and packaging. I hope somebody will post the best recipe of this candy. Anyway, I've seen somewhere on television a similar confection like this in Vietnam and they call it Ben Tre. I'm wondering if they do have the same taste and texture though in their version they come in squares not rolled. Assuming that tira tera candies and Ben Tre are the same, the equivalent calorie measurement on each candy is around 100+. I would not advise you to eat more than one (1) of this candy unless when needed. Eat moderately people! LOL!


I've finally found the recipe to make your tira-tera candy powdery soft and not gooey. All you need to do is to decrease the amount of the coconut milk. Too much coconut milk will harden the consistency thus making it gooey. That's it! So simple!!! 

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