Avon's Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Curler Hair Review

at 4/17/2014
As promised here is my review of the new Avon Ceramic Tourmaline electric hair curler. The tourmaline in this curling iron will boosts the number of negative ions produced, which leads to healthier, shinier hair. According to my research, tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone and when used in hair styling tools, it's infused to the ceramic by grounding them finely.
Tourmaline will create more negative ions than just ceramic and if they're both combined the more the benefit it is for your hair especially if you're often using it. I bought this iron because the barrel is much bigger than my old curling iron plus it's on sale this summer in Avon. Here are the photos of the product and the before and after of using this curling iron. 

Features 2 heat settings and will heat in just a short span of time.

This is the before and after look of the hair using ceramic tourmaline curling iron by Avon style essentials.
My cousin's hair is naturally thin and straight and I didn't apply any mousse or gel to hold the curls. I just want to check the size of the curls using this curling iron but fail to get a good result using her hair since it comes back naturally to the straight look after a couple of minutes passed. Darn!!!

My before and after photos of using Avon's style essential ceramic tourmaline curling iron without applying hair mousse or gel to hold the curls. I love how big the curls turns out and it just took 10 seconds to curl my medium coarse hair. (I don't really like the crimped look at the end of the hair so I made another post using this curler without the crimped look at the hair ends. Read it Here!!!)

P.S. excuse my bare face day. I just don't feel wearing make up at this moment. Actually, it helps your skin breathe once in a while. 


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