20 Make-Up Tips & Routines For This Allergy Season

at 4/17/2014
This a season of bee pollination, scents of blooming flowers are almost everywhere, breezy mornings and the season for "sneezers" like me. I love spring and a little of cold rainy dew every time I woke up in the morning but one thing I hate is how my respiratory system react to this season. I pray to God that I won't have any mornings where all I always do is to grab immediately a tissue and starts sneezing. Non-allergy sufferers won't understand us at all how much sneeze we will do in just a minute and the sneezing part is making you tired and can't work anything you want at all. In my case, I will have to grab my antihistamines when I sneeze 20x or more in just an hour 'coz if I don't, I will lose my energy all day and my nose will just bleed and peel off from blowing and wiping your nose off. In this post, I will tell you tips that helps me get through these kind of days especially if you are a working individual and won't go out with a bare face. For your information, allergy will do bad things to your skin like it will swell your face, watery red eyes, red nose and very dry skin. Ugh!!! We will just have to live with this condition and life always go on no matter what. 


1. Have a check-up and ask your daughter to give you an effective antihistamine to help you go on with your life. I'm not over saying this but for me, I can't do anything normal during allergy season without the help of my meds. The sneezing just won't stop and even the sight of bright lights like sunlight will make me sneeze. 

2. Avoid going outdoor and wear a mask as much as possible if it's really needed.

3. Do not wear furry clothings or similar clothes.

4. Regularly clean the airconditioners or invest in air filters.

5. Send your pets to the groomers to prevent lints and fur invasion around the house.

6. Always wash your hands with soap when done petting your furry friends.

7. Do not wear strong perfumes or colognes. I don't even recommend you using one even in your tissues avoid the scented ones. Your beauty regimens must not be overly scented most especially your moisturizers and soaps.

8. Avoid strong smelling foods like fried garlic or anything fried. I have a strong reaction to this kind of thing.

9. Always take a warm bath before you go to sleep to get off dead skin cells or dust during the day.

10. Always change your beddings and pillow cases, curtains like once a week because it houses a lot of dead skin cells and dust from your hair.

11. Stay away from flowers, plants or any pollinated areas. 

12. Avoid using powdery make-ups during this season because they have dusty properties. Use cream or mousse types this season and always prefer the unscented ones.

13. Stay away from bright lights 'coz some antihistamines have a sensitivity to light side effects.

14. Don't just vacuum, wipe them off too with a moist rag when cleaning your room or your things. Avoid using broom and always mop the floor to get rid of the dust.

15. To avoid redness of your face, apply a green color moisturizer or primer first on your face first before using your foundation or make-up.

16. A cold water or drink will always make my respiratory system feel relaxed instead of hot drinks in which in my observation will make my nose expand and more dust will come through it. I don't know what's the scientific explanation about it but I'm sure of it to myself. So, I avoid drinking hot drinks during this season as long as possible. 

17. Avoid using too much tissue to your nose since some tissues have irritants and dusty too. Try blowing your nose in the bathroom or comfort room sink and wash it with water instead and use a clean hanky to wipe the water away. It drains a lot of irritants from your nose as to my own experienced. 

18. Avoid or minimize yourself from eating chocolates, pastries or any sweets as much as possible. 

19. Sleep early at night and again stay away as much as possible to bright lights or those that emits bright lights like your gadgets. 

20. Eat your veggies and drink lots of water and exercise to build a strong respiratory system. 

For over the counter medicines to aid your allergy drink Claritin or Xyzal.


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