My New Year's Resolution (2015)

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Any moment from now is another cycle of our life. It's the time to leave all the baggage behind 2014 and start a more productive life than before. I'm happy that I've kept my new year's resolution I made last year and the other year and that is to lose weight. I was very successful in that journey and I'm so glad I did. Having a new year's resolution is like making a general and realistic plan for a year. It need not be rushed but must be thought with carefully. Mental strength and positive outlook in life is the best weapon to make your New Year resolution to be possible. 

Here are my New Year's resolution for next year:

1. Maintain my weight - I have a sedentary life right now and it's really difficult to maintain my weight by just sitting whole day in my room studying. My plan is to stick to MyFitnessPal's program and eat more healthy foods and most of all no binge eating as much as possible when stressed.

2. 10 book pages a day  - I must keep up with all my readings and read as much as 10 pages a day. If you're in law school, it's really a hard time keeping up with all your books. I must read in advance before the professor can tackle that particular topic. In that way, it's not the first view in that topic anymore and I can comprehend well. 

3. Make a blog schedule - since I have lots of blogs to maintain right now, I need to insert my hectic schedule at least 3 hours a day. 

4, Give more quality time with my partner - my boyfriend is coping up with his life after all that family betrayal that happened to him. The years he invested to help his brother's family is now a waste since the sociopath in-laws are meddling in their business. He didn't even got his proportionate share after the partnership terminates. The sad part of it, they'll be not in this position in life right now if not of his hardwork and perseverance. Look what he got in return? Nothing. If he only knew right from the start that he's dealing with a sociopath in-law, this would not have happened. The brother is even blinded by the fact that his wife is a sociopath. It's really hard to deal with a sociopath especially if it's a family member. The person will manipulate and twist all the facts and makes you believe in it. It feeds on your weaknesses and finds pleasure in it. My boyfriend moved out and stayed away from his family and in-law and it's the best way to get rid of the sociopath. Though the bitch keeps on stalking us on Facebook and other social networks making fake accounts. It even reads this blog right now (Girl, you need a psychiatrist. Confine yourself voluntarily).

5. More family quality time - my parents are very busy with their business and my sister is going abroad and we only see each other every morning. My plan is to make breakfast everyday and help with the household chores before studying and going to school at night. There's a famous quote shared by my best friend on her wall and it says "The best gift you can give to someone is your time, because you're giving them something you can never get back ".  

big eyes cat woman lady crazy cat lady watercolor painting free use asian
Eyes of Endearment
That's it! It looks so easy but very hard to commit. Anyway, I'm just sharing my newest watercolor painting inspired by my first love cat , my little Chi. Happy New Year everybody!!! 


My Year-End Fashion Illustrations of 2014

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Hi there!! I'm currently making lots of fashion illustrations right now. Actually, I made this set to give it to my classmates as a handmade Christmas card present. I hope they'll appreciate it anyway...
fashion illustrations free download use topshop kate spade forever 21

taylor swift fashion illustration Forever 21 Topshop
Forever Never Comes

lady in blue gown back Forever 21 DKNY Topshop
Blue Madame 
woman fat chubby curvy wearing sunglasses rayban Topshop
The Beauty Mark


Christmas Cards Free Download and Free Use

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I was thinking of what to give this Christmas to my friends and while browsing Pinterest, I came up with the idea of giving them a more handmade and personal gift like a Christmas card since I just received a watercolor pencil from my bf and to make good use of it. Anyway, here they are below and they don't look that neat for now since I was on a hurry making them and I was experimenting some technique with my watercolour pencils. If you'd like to download the illustrations I've made, just click the download link below each images. Have a Happy Christmas everyone!! 

Anyway, the white crayon technique sucks!! It won't give a good effect if you're using watercolour pencil. I won't be using this technique if I'll use this medium.
christmas card balloon girl lady woman holding
Happy New Year 2015 - DOWNLOAD HI-RES Here!!!
free use christmas card expecting child
Looking Swell - DOWNLOAD HI-RES Here!!!


Faber-Castell Watercolour Pencil

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Omg!!!! I just want to tell you that last week, I received my early Christmas present from my boyfriend. Tenen!!! It's a color pencil!!!! But the best part of it is, it's a WATERCOLOUR PENCIL. Gahhd!!! I was gasping for breath when he gave it to me. LOL!!! 
tutorial watercolour pencil by faber-castell sexyfoosa sample drawings
Faber-Castell's watercolour pencil 48's  for P679.95 (with brush and sharpener)

I'm so happy that I can finally refresh my art skills after abandoning it 10 years ago due to very tight schedule. I was planning of making fashion illustrations and draw lots of cute subjects like my pets. Anyway, I will share to all of you my work and feel free to use it. Just please don't remove my name on it and claim it as your own. I'm thinking that you can use it as a wall decoration or a cute card.

Anyway, may I present to you my humble art. I'm not claiming to be the best artist in the whole world. I just love to draw anything that pleases me. Lol!

persian cat art watercolour by kenneth cajote free use
Don't Disturb

german shepherd dog in watercolor pencil by kenneth cajote free use
Rosey Shepherd

Wondering on how the watercolor pencil works? Check this video tutorial here. 


Another Super Typhoon For The Philippines

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I came to know this news 2 days ago and it's worrying the heck out of me. The forecast by PAGASA made me more worried since their predictions aren't accurate. I hope they will release the designated storm signals soon as this would be a great aid on what to do next. I know we must always be prepared no matter what signal we'll be in, at least, we'll know our standing. The sad thing is, PAGASA's website is currently down maybe due to thousands of visitors visiting the page. As I'm writing this post, I can feel the wind shifted and the sun is slowly covered by dark clouds. I guess the super typhoon will land very soon. For now, all we need to do is to give our silent prayer that somehow, our loved ones will be safe and this country can once again stand this test of nature. Keep safe Philippines!!! 

Imagine the wind speed...gif image from ssd

Here are the 10 important things to check before, during and after a super typhoon:

1. Inform your family, friends, loved ones and the like about the storm.
2. Always check updates from reliable weather and news forecast. (TV, Radio, Facebook, etc.)
3. Have an emergency exit plan.The inside of your home is not always safe (unplug appliances and stay away from glass windows). Ask friends or relatives for help. Find a safe place (somewhere elevated and of sturdy materials).
4. Evacuate as soon as possible when necessary esp. those people living near the coastal areas or big body of waters, areas with high risked of flash floods, landslides and surrounded with trees.
5. Check basic emergency supplies like water, instant foods (noodles, biscuits, candies, canned goods, etc.), batteries, ziploc bags (place important documents and gadgets inside), blankets, clothes, candles,matches, lighters, fire starters, flashlights, first aid kit, mosquito prevention, floating life saving device and ways of communication.
5. Check your pets safety too and their needs. (ID tags, cage, leash, mouth guard, waste disposal supplies and the like)
6. Check special items for infants like diapers, baby food, and the like.
7. Always prepare basic tools like swiss knives, screwdrivers, hammer, scissors, cutters, and some kitchen tools and utensils.
8. Elderly, disabled, sick and pregnant family member's needs must always be ready (e.g. oxygen supply, wheelchairs, etc.)
9. Always remain calm but always be alert from possible intruders, looters, or other similar situation during and after a typhoon.
10. Prayers and hope that all our loved ones are all safe. Properties may be lost and found but the lives of our loved ones can't be replaced anymore. 

'Ruby/Hagupit' no longer a 'super typhoon' - Read Here!!!
as of December 5, 2014, 4:00 pm

as of December 05, 2014 11:13 pm


The 10 Ugly Fashion Trends

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This post is a list of all time totally ugly, outrageous, weird, terrible, shocking, and all other similar adjectives to describe these fashion trends. Now brace yourself ladies and gentlemen and contemplate on these things and tell me in the comment section what your thoughts about it. Good and bad reactions will be respected. XOXO.

1. The super chunky nail art - How can we ever work effectively with these nails? How can we eat, pick things up or even go to the comfort room with these nails? Totally outrageous! Anyway, this nail  art is more likely for display purposes. 

2. Big Fashion Contact Lens - I've seen a lot of people wearing fashion contact lens esp. Asians who wants to have an illusion of bigger eyes but the downside of this trend is, these lenses aren't doctor prescribed. Most of them don't have an idea what can these contact lenses can do to their delicate eyes. Only wear contact lenses prescribed by the eye doctor and don't just buy them from the black market. Always invest on your health first before else. 
Sample Image of Contact Lens Infection

3. Odd Shaped Shoes - Lady Gaga's fashion statement shoes are not for everybody. Aside from it's totally weird looking but the thing itself is dangerous. It may cause serious damage to your feet or may cause an accident and break your bones. These kind of shoes can't be worn for regular or ordinary person like us. Let's just leave it to the elite fashion world. LOL!

Alexander McQueen's Armadillo Heel Shoes
No heels platform shoes

3. Regular Crocs - I love the material used by Crocs but the regular Crocs design is just unflattering to your feet. It looks like a boat and a mascot's feet. Good thing, they've come up with new cute designs now. 
 motivated photos

4. Ranger Hat - Good heavens! This fashion trend is absolutely unforgivable. Good thing, I haven't seen anyone wore this hat but Pharell Williams. He seems to be carrying a mountain on his head. LOL!
5. Harem/ Crotch Pants - This Justin Bieber fashion trend is really something vulgar. I can't understand why do these kids wants to expose their underwears? It's better they don't wear pants at all and just walk with their boxers alone in public. For women, the harem pants does not complement everybody's body type. It's not only totally unflattering to a woman's figure but it will make you look like you're wearing a soiled pajama. 

6. Converse/Chuck Taylor Sneakers Converted to Sandals - Really? Converse did this kind of conversion to their famous shoe design? I'm a bit pessimistic about this thing right here since I can't find these designs on their official websites or I'm just ignorant on this. The thing is, these designs are again not for everybody. I've seen one person wearing this and she's not long-legged and it really made her calf looked really wide (It almost look like a chopping board). I'm so sorry but this is not for you if you have wide calves right there. 

7. Cartilage Piercings - The sight of this trend makes me cringe. Is this a sign of braveness or something? I just don't get it...it looks horrible. Please don't ever do this to your body if you're not 100% sure 'coz you'll definitely regret this in the future. Blame only yourself and nobody else. 

8. Short Shorts - If you don't have nice toned legs please don't wear this short. This is not for everybody's body type. Please dress appropriately in public or if you really like to wear this, please tie an oversize shirt at the back. 

9. Teeth Grills - These teeth blings are ostentatious way for showing off wealth and it makes them look like they have tooth cavities or worst, toothless. 

10. Thigh Gaps - Believe it or not, I was once swayed by this trend and later on I came to realize that this fashion trend is harmful to our well-being. The skinny body (anorexic) fashion trend must be addressed seriously. Not having a thigh gap doesn't mean you're fat. A normal thigh gap must not be achieved through extreme dieting and exercise but it's according to your own body's proportion. Some are naturally blessed to have a thigh gap and some are not. The point of forcing yourself to have a thigh gap and in the course of achieving it, you go to extreme dieting and exercise is a terrible obsession. Read More about this topic here. 


10 Signs Why Your Classmates Hate You

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Here are ten (10) points to keep on track from being an ideal candidate on whom your classmates would mostly likely to hate. This don't happen in school alone but in every group. But let's stick to the school situation since bullying is most likely to be prevalent.

1. The Regular - There my friend, your classmates are planning to cut classes or mass absent and you appear in class alone and your teacher is really pissed and punished the class with a very long quiz.

2. The Whistleblower  - You will divulge whatever it is going on with your classmates lives. Your classmate told you she will attend her best friend's wedding and asked you to make an excuse for her that she's sick but you told your teacher the truth instead, making it appear that her class is unimportant.

3. The Extender - Okay! Majority of the class has finally came up with the fix schedule of the exam and you keep on opposing it by telling them you are not free at that time. 

4. The Charmer - Isn't just annoying to watch your pretty or cute classmates were not fried during their oral recitations because the teacher likes them based on how they look? This is true if your teacher is a notorious chick boy or  gay. 

5. The Volunteer - When your teacher ask a question and ask for a volunteer to answer the question and you keep throwing your hands up even though you've already been called. 

6. The Overachiever - Your classmate keep on telling everybody that he did not study but when the results came up, that classmate of yours got the highest grade or the only one who passed the exam. 

7. The Inquisitor - Everybody just want the teacher to finish the chapter for the week but one classmate of yours keep on asking out of topic questions and the teacher annoyingly answers it, the bell rang, and reading assignment is extended. 

8. The Greedy - During exams, your paper is in maximum security or when your classmates asked for answers, you ignore them. 

9. The Wanker - Women just hate being stared at even if it's a compliment. Keep those flirty compliments you got in there to avoid being misjudged as a sex maniac.

10. The Facebook Whore - Your life is open in public and it's always updated in Facebook. You announce your new gadgets, what you eat, your outfit, your religious and political thoughts, your lovelife, your mood, EVERYTHING! I guess it's better to only add Facebook friends and people you've known well. It's difficult to please everybody and it's impossible.


My Top 10 Christmas Songs of 2014

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It's officially 24 more days before Christmas and here's my list of favorite songs for this holiday season. These songs are just recently released by new and old artist. I did not include Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey and the like since there are no new Christmas album from them. Honestly, I was looking for fresh songs and came up to this list. Hope you'll love it guys. Happy Holidays!!!

1. Santa Tell Me - Ariana Grande

2. That's Christmas to Me - Pentatonix

3.  Baby It's Cold Outside - Idina Menzel ft. Michael Buble

4. What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? - Idina Menzel

5. Do You Want To Build A Snowman - Disney's Circle of Stars

6. Winter Wonderland - Earth, Wind and Fire

7. Carol of the Bells - Pentatonix

8. I Want A Hippotamus for Christmas - LeAnn Rimes

9. What God Wants For Christmas - Darius Rucker

10. Do They Know It's Christmas - Band Aid 30

Additional Christmas Songs:

11. I'll Be Home - Meghan Trainor

12 All I Want for Christmas is You - Fifth Harmony

13. Text Me Merry Christmas - Straight No Chaser feat. Kristen Bell
14. Mistletoe - Lucy Hale

15. Baby It's Christmas - Travis-Atreo Graham feat. Colton Haynes


Top 10 Songs of The Week - November 2014

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Here's my new favorite songs of the week. Please check it out for yourself. Any song you'd like to share to include in my playlist? It's better if it's a new song. Thanks!

1. Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

2. Yellow Flicker Beat - Lorde

3. All My Love - Ariana Grande ft. Major Lazer

4. No Love - August Alsina ft, Nicki Minaj

5. Baby Don't Lie - Baby Don't Lie

6. Night Changes - One Direction 

7. Jealous - Nick Jonas

8. Something in the Water - Carrie Underwood

9. New Flame - Chris Brown ft. Usher & Rick Ross

10. L.A Love - Fergie

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