The Perks of Being Slim & Fit

at 7/09/2013
The perks of being slim and fit again is I can wear the clothes I'd love to wear. I really love to dress up ever since. I'm more into pastel or light color outfits. It's very rare for you to see me wear black or brown or any dark colors. I believe that light colors accentuate more my face and skin and it makes me look young. I don't want to look mature or old every time I dress up. I think I have this fear of getting old but I don't have a fear getting mature. I have a positive and happy personality but I admit there are some days that I feel so grumpy and bitter to everyone. I just can't help it maybe it's just the hormones getting over me.  I want this blog to be really my personal blog. I admit I owned a lot of blogs and I can't really maintain them all. I want to focus on something about myself this time. If you may, please follow me also in LookBook.

Flower Headband are so in right now but I already have them 5 years ago.

Corset type outfits I'm dying to try ever since.

Little black dress and I still can't believe I'm able to fit in them.

Chiffon or see through outfits makes your look soft and very feminine.

Just donning my cute lace up shoe or sandal (from J Crew) after 1 year of not wearing it 'coz my legs are so flabby.


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