Secrets in Calorie Counting

at 7/16/2013
Ever wonder how I continued my 1200 calorie diet plan? We can't deny the fact that when we go outside from our house, we tend to forget and eat whatever we want. Here are some tips I can share to control yourself from overeating when you can't prepare your own food.

  1. Before, calorie counting is very hard to maintain but in our time right now, as long as there is an internet connection, you can just easily check how many calories are there in a specific kind of food. Most of all, our lives are much easier right now by the help of our smartphones and tablets. As I keep on telling everyone of you to please download the app MyFitnessPal to your android or iOS phones. I've tried every calorie counting apps and this is the best of them all. 
  2. Every time you use MyFitnessPal, always choose the highest calorie value of the food that appears every time you search for the kind of food you eat. Example is 1 cup of white rice is about 200 calories. There are some entries in MyFitnessPal that are inconsistent. Some 1 cup of rice entries are around 150 calories which is wrong and you must not cheat by choosing the smallest value of calories. You  must familiarize yourself  with the kind of foods you eat. At first, you find it very tedious but in the long run, you'll be able to memorize or be familiarized with them unconsciously. A person who have lots of excuse will accomplish nothing. Always challenge yourself. 
  3. When going to the movies, please refrain yourself from eating popcorn 'coz actually, they are so high in calories. For me, it's better to eat the hotdog bun or small burger than eating popcorn. But of course, always eat in moderation if you really want the popcorn. The reason why I chose you not to eat popcorn 'coz in just a couple of hours, you'll starve again after eating them but if you ate a bun or burger instead, you will be full easily and may not eat again after the movie is done. Always weigh beyond  your conscience which food is better when in doubt.
  4. In very busy schedules, you can't help but to eat in fastfoods, always opt for food that are less oily and less carbo-loaded. Order for something protein packed or for an express garden salad but eat in moderation the Mayo salad dressing 'coz cesar salad dressings are full of oils 'coz it contains mayo and one ingredient of mayo is oil and 1 tbsp. of any oil is around 120 calories. Always opt for the LITE foods from the menu. Example is Ice Tea Lite which means it's less sugar than the regular ice tea. 
  5. Always surround yourself with people that are health and body conscious and avoid people who keeps on tempting you to eat whatever they want. Always learn how to say NO and ask them to respect your decision why you don't want to eat whatever they offer. Your principle must not be swayed. Learn self control and if you really can't avoid these kind of people, don't hang-out with them. If they are truly your friends, they will understand your situation and respect your decision. But shit really happens and your cravings can't be handled anymore and you let yourself go, always remember to redeem yourself again by burning the calories away through exercise. Remember that you can't go fat in one night by eating a lot and you can't get the body you want overnight also. It takes a lot of work and determination. Never give up! You can do it!

 I ordered Crunchy Chicken Oriental Salad and Lite Ice Tea instead of Garlic Chicken and Coke.
at my favorite Korean fastfood Bon Chon.

Always remember to live in moderation. I hope this article helps somehow. I love ya'll!!!


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