Part 3: 1200 Calorie Meal Plan (with meat)

at 7/11/2013
Hi! This meal plan contains meat and a little bit of oil. Sometimes we don't have to be so strict with our diet that we will only eat fruits and vegetables all the time 'coz some people don't really have the taste for them. You really can't change the fact that some people are not used to eating without meat in their system. There are so many reasons why some people can't live without meat. One example is their job involves lifting heavy things, lots of strolling that will require a lot of stored energy. If you only live to eat carbohydrates also, you will starve easily since they're the first to be burned or use up by our body when doing strenuous activities. These people need meat to have a long term energy storage and to build and repair muscles. I guess this is a very basic information for all of us since this had been taught in school. Right? So, we can't really judge people that some of them especially me can't stick to purely vegetables and fruits plus I'm not brought up to a vegetarian family. Also, when I was a kid, my dad had a chicken and turkey poultry, a piggery and a farm where goats and cows are herded and when they've grown enough they're ready for consumption. Freakingly gross right? (esp. in the mind of a vegetarian) but that's how life goes. The truth is..it's only gross when the meat is not yet cooked but wait 'til it's ready and you'll forget about it! (lol!) So for meat eaters, here's my meal plan for you.

1 cup rice -(200 calories)
2 small links of Longganisa or Chorizo (Skinless or not) - (approx. 230 calories)
1 boiled egg - (70 calories)
1/2 tsp. vegetable oil (approx. 70 calories)

*Cooked in a non-stick pan for less oil 'coz it will glide easily*

1 cup rice  -(200 calories)
1 cup vegetable soup based dish - (approx. 150 calories)

1 medium size Granny Smith apple or Sunkist orange (50 calories)

2 slices wheat bread (toasted or not) - (70 calories each total of 140 calories)
1 tbsp. mayo lite or any spread as long as it's below 80 calories per tbsp. - (approx. 70 calories)
3 small leaves of lettuce (approx. 5 calories)
1 small sweet tomato (approx. 20 calories)
1 thin slice of salami (approx. 50 calories)

Total of 1255 calories (always remember, there's not always an exact 1200 calories meal but the figure is close enough to 1200 compared eating to a 3000 calories a day. It's not bad right?)

Disclaimer: I'm not a nutritionist or whatsoever. This is just what I ate when I reached around 47 kilos. If you have a violent reaction about this, then I have nothing to do. I just want to share one truth about losing weight that it's not what kind of food you eat but on how you eat your food. If you eat a lot and it's not a healthy food then don't expect you'll be skinny. (It's logical! right?) The less food you eat, the smaller you become and vice versa. Don't put a lot of restrictions to your self 'coz it will result to lots of craving and you'll definitely go back to your size again.) . There's always a cheat day to every diet. The world has so much to offer and it's just up to you to discipline and control yourself. Set limitations! Your best enemy is your own self!


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